How I would seed the bracket

There is pretty much no chance that the committee will see it this way. Pythag has a lot more respect for the Big 10 than the RPI has, and it shows here with the Big 10 getting three teams on the top two seed lines. Surprisingly (to me anyway), the ACC would only get one.

In a WAB (or Implied Pythag) world, Nebraska would be safely in. Ditto for St. Mary’s. Marquette and Middle Tennessee would be the last teams in, while Oklahoma State would be the first team out.

Kansas as a #1 seed makes a lot more sense if you discount everything the Big 10 did. Duke and UNC would both move up to the #2 line as well. Of course, all of this is moot because RPI still rules the world. C’est la vie.

School Seed
Virginia 1
Villanova 1
Michigan St. 1
Xavier 1
Kansas 2
Purdue 2
Michigan 2
Cincinnati 2
Duke 3
North Carolina 3
Tennessee 3
Gonzaga 3
West Virginia 4
Texas Tech 4
Clemson 4
Ohio St. 4
Auburn 5
Kentucky 5
Wichita St. 5
Arizona 5
Houston 6
Miami FL 6
Kansas St. 6
Arkansas 6
Nevada 7
Rhode Island 7
Seton Hall 7
Virginia Tech 8
Texas A&M 8
St. Bonaventure 8
Nebraska 8
Loyola Chicago 9
Saint Mary’s 9
Creighton 9
New Mexico St. 9
Florida 10
Providence 10
Oklahoma 10
North Carolina St. 10
Florida St. 11
Texas 11
Butler 11.1
Louisville 12.1
South Dakota St. 11
Middle Tennessee 12.1
Marquette 11.1
Murray St. 12
UNC Greensboro 12
Buffalo 12
San Diego St. 13
Montana 13
College of Charleston 13
Davidson 13
Stephen F. Austin 14
Bucknell 14
Marshall 14
Penn 14
Lipscomb 15
Wright St. 15
Georgia St. 15
Cal St. Fullerton 16
Radford 16
Iona 16.1
Texas Southern 16.2
LIU Brooklyn 16.2
North Carolina Central 16.1
Oklahoma St. Out
Missouri Out
Baylor Out
Mississippi St. Out
Syracuse Out
Notre Dame Out

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