Monthly Archives: July 2015

Four years ago Japan defeated America in the final. That was quite an upset, and it would be another upset if Japan were to defend the title. You may have noticed that I skipped Day 18. I skipped ¬†Game 51 (the 3-4 game) in the last World Cup as well. Frankly, I’m not sure why they still play them. Would we care who came in 3rd at Wimbledon?

A pair of losses in the semifinals dropped Nate Silver’s bankroll to a measly $12,641,215.

Game 52: Japan vs. The United States of America

Japan to win the defend their World Cup Title, Risking 6.20%: $783,755 to win $1,959,388

Nate agrees the United States is likely to win, but has a lot more faith in the dog than the markets do. @Octonion agrees, putting 6.48% of his bankroll on Japan. I can only imagine how frustrated the American team would be if they lose to Japan two Cups in a row. Best of luck to them.