Monthly Archives: May 2014

First off, I fixed a bug. Demarcus Lawrence is now 48th overall with a rating of 53.10.

Now, as to the ratings themselves, they directly track with how much value I expect a prospect to add to a team. Some players are higher risk-reward, while others are safer, but offer less upside. A good example of this would be Greg Robinson (exceptional talent) vs. Jake Matthews (extreme confidence that he won’t be a bust).

Elite quarterbacks are worth an additional premium, and as such I’d understand “reaching” for Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, or Johnny Manziel. Beyond the basic numbers, I know he had a truly awful Pro Day, but I still consider Bridgewater the clear best QB in the class. I am also a fan of Manziel, as I see him as a potential future Drew Brees. Blake Bortles hasn’t inspired the same confidence as either TB or JM, but I can’t knock his physical skills or potential (once his footwork is fixed). As for Derek Carr, I’d avoid him. I know what the numbers say, but when I watch the film I see someone who will not be able to adjust to the next level.

I know I have Robinson rated higher than Clowney, but that is due to some red flags about Clowney’s interest in football. The fact is that Clowney is a potential all-time great, and I would take him 1st overall if no one offered me a good trade package to move down.

I’ll write more after the draft.

Let’s go Jets!