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So long as Carson Palmer is healthy, Arizona is a threat to win the NFC. Baltimore has had a brutal season, and things don’t get any easier tonight.

Baltimore Ravens @ Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals -7.5, risking $13,630 to win $12,391

Football Outsiders is currently down $1,414,933. It has been a rough few weeks for them.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Carolina Panthers
Philadelphia Eagles +3.5, risking $124,180 to win $103,483

It was a rough day for Football Outsiders partially salvaged by the New York Football Giants. Perhaps the Eagles will help save the day.

They dropped another $400k this morning. They’ll try and get some of it back this afternoon:

Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers

San Diego Chargers -4, risking $9,766 to win $9,482

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants

New York Giants -3.5, risking $138,306 to win $150,754

I won’t be near  a computer this evening, so I’ll tweet out the evening game later.

The loss in England didn’t help, but perhaps things will turn around with the early slate.

Cleveland Browns @ St. Louis Rams

Football Outsiders agrees with the line.

Houston Texans @ Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins -4, risking $13,664 to win $12,652

New York Jets @ New England Patriots

Football Outsiders agrees with the line.

Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions +2.5, risking $124,825 to win $138,556

Atlanta Falcons @ Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans +4.5, risking $5,750 to win $5,476

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins -3.5, risking $107,526 to win $116,128

New Orleans Saints @ Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts -4.5, risking $13,400 to win $13,400

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Pittsburgh Steelers +3, risking $183,400 to win $183,400

I’m fairly confident neither animal is native to England. It’s possible that the Jaguars are a potentially invasive species, although probably not any time soon.

Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars in Wembley Stadium
Buffalo Bills -6, risking $7,000 to win $7,000

The Seahawks victory cut Football Outsiders deficit to $1,013,718.

They’ll try to get it under $1M later today.

Football Outsiders had a terrible, no good, very bad Sunday. They are currently down $1,223,318. Yes, that is more than $1M, as I am giving them an unlimited line of credit. If they were using a “Real” $1M bankroll, they’d be down $915,019. That number is not going to change tonight:

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles
Football Outsiders agreed with the line.