Out of the red and into the black?

Football Outsiders has a chance to get on the positive side of the ledger with a good early slate. The current tab is -$92,283. Let’s see what they are rooting for:

Denver Broncos @ Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Brown +4, risking $9,768 to win $9,483

Cincinnati Bengals @ Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills +3.5, risking $145,004 to win $122,885

Kansas City Chiefs @ Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota -4, risking $21,310 to win $20,892

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville Jaguars +1.5, risking $102,100 to win $97,238

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions
Detroit Lions -3, risking $87,712 to win $81,215

Washington Redskins @ New York Jets
Football Outsiders agrees with the line

Arizona Cardinals @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Arizona Cardinals -3, risking $145,018 to win $128,335

Miami Dolphins @ Tennessee Titans
Tennessee Titans -2.5, risking $236,990 to win $225,705

I’ll be back later with the late afternoon games.


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