Monthly Archives: January 2019

It’s no secret that PFF has struggled this season:

Current Tab -$867,355.40
% of Bankroll -433.68%
Standard Dev 474872
Two-tailed Z -1.83
ROI -10.22%

At this point the last last major milestone that’s still in doubt is there they will be able to get their ROI above -10%. A Saints cover would be helpful in that regard:

Team Line Risked To Win Result
Saints -3 34562 31420 0



It’s time for the two true titans of the sport to have their annual meeting. Bama is the king, and Clemson is the toughest challenger they could hope to meet. Good luck to all involved.

Prognosticator Side Risked To Win Result Current Tab
Massey-Peabody Clemson 8500 17000 0 -$19,325
Ed Feng Clemson 1000 2000 0 -$52,881
FPI Clemson 22900 45800 0 $63