Bracketology: If Parcells ruled the world (Alas UNC Greensboro)

I’ve made some slight changes to the bracket I produced this morning. Here is the bracket as I would have it now:

Seed Team Seed Team Seed Team Seed Team
1 Duke 1 Kentucky 1 Gonzaga 1 Virginia
16 Prairie View A&M-Iona 16 Wright St. 16 Sam Houston St. 16 St. Francis PA-Norfolk St.
8 Villanova 8 Wofford 8 North Carolina St. 8 Oklahoma
9 Ohio St. 9 Syracuse 9 Baylor 9 Florida
5 LSU 5 Iowa St. 5 Nevada 5 Maryland
12 Clemson-Texas 12 Seton Hall-Utah St. 12 New Mexico St. 12 Lipscomb
4 Wisconsin 4 Virginia Tech 4 Florida St. 4 Marquette
13 Yale 13 Vermont 13 UC Irvine 13 Murray St.
3 Purdue 3 Kansas 3 Houston 3 Texas Tech
14 Texas St. 14 Old Dominion 14 Hofstra 14 South Dakota St.
6 Louisville 6 Buffalo 6 Kansas St. 6 Iowa
11 Belmont 11 UNC Greensboro 11 Minnesota 11 Temple
7 Washington 7 Cincinnati 7 Auburn 7 Mississippi St.
10 TCU 10 Mississippi 10 VCU 10 St. John’s
2 Tennessee 2 North Carolina 2 Michigan St. 2 Michigan
15 Montana 15 Bucknell 15 Radford 15 Drake

The changes I made were with the “play-in” games. I am inviting the 36 best resumes as judged by Parcells. I am then seeding by a mix of Pythag and Parcells. I decided that the last four invited teams belong in the play-in games, regardless of their Pythags. As such, the bracket has been modified.

Here are the brackets produced by Mast, Dobbertean, Lunardi, and Bottoms. Some things I want to note:

All four included Arizona State as a #11 seed. UCF and Alabama all made all four brackets as well. In the case of Parcells, I have Alabama, UCF, and Arizona State as the first three out, in that order. I’ll add that if Belmont grabs the OVC auto-bid (something most bracketologists are presuming), then Alabama would be my last team in.

Not one of the brackets had UNC Greensboro in. Parcells has them with the 39th best resume:

They’d be 40th in WAB. Their resume merits inclusion It’s hard to judge teams that play against inferior competition. Perhaps they’ll win their conference tournament and render the question moot. More likely, they’ll be sitting by their TV’s on Selection Sunday praying for inclusion. Barring another regular season loss, I expect their resume to be worthy of an invite. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Houston is another interesting case. Everyone (including me) has them as a #3 seed. The thing is, they have an elite resume, but lack the Pythag to go with it. People understand that Gonzaga is a monster. Houston is not. If they pull off a road win at Cincinnati and win their conference tournament they’ll move up at least one line. Moving up two is going to be tricky.

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