PFF: A merciful end to a brutal sham of a season: Superb Owl edition

With one game remaining in the season, let’s look at where PFF stands:

Current Tab -$906,150.18
% of Bankroll -453.08%
Standard Dev 476416
Two-tailed Z -1.90
ROI -10.60%

Brutality across the board. You want to know how you generate such huge losses? Here’s how:

Superb owl sham

Spoiler alert: The Patriots don’t win by exactly one 8.33% of the time. PFF’s internal system has revealed itself to be clownishly awful, and this is one final example.

Team Line Risked To Win Result
Patriots 0 11652 9247 0
Rams 2.5 3077 2930 0
NE-LAR o56 1961 2000 0




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