Greetings from htraE!

The NFL Playoffs are set to resume tomorrow, but first, let me give you a recap from last weekend’s action:

(For reference, check out the first installment here: )

We opened up the weekend with the Houston Texans taking on the Denver Broncos. The Texans managed to take down the (slightly) favored Broncos. In the nightcap Buccaneers defense was able to shut down Brett Hundley and the Packers offense sputtered. The Buccaneers moved on and will be heading to Chicago.

On Sunday we opened up with another installment in the Dolphins-Jets rivalry. This one went to the J-E-T-S, which sends them to Indianapolis, while the Titans have the unenviable task of trying to knock off the Browns. Finally, we closed with the Redskins-49ers game. I don’t blame you for turning that off at halftime as the 49ers completed their Garoppolo fueled implosion. The Patriots sure snookered them. The beautiful Meadowlands will be hosting another playoff game this weekend, but this time in the NFC where the Redskins face the tough task of knocking off the mighty G-Men. The schedule:

Saturday at 4:35 on Fox: Washington Redskins @ New York Giants (Line: Giants -7 -110, Redskins +7 +100)

The Redskins looked fantastic dominating the 49ers last weekend, but this is a much stiffer test. The fact is, the Giants are better at every facet of the game and they should move on to host the NFC Championship game. (Ignore the week 17 win, the Giants were resting their starters).

Saturday at 8:15 on CBS: Houston Texans @ Cleveland Browns (Line: Browns -6.5 -110, Texans +6.5 +100)

Look, the Browns might be unbeaten, but they aren’t unbeatable. You could argue that they were slightly stronger last season. The Texans have been playing well lately, so perhaps they have what it takes to slay the giant.

Sunday at 1:05 on CBS: New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts (Line: Colts -5.5 -105, Jets +5.5 -105)

I was expecting the line to be higher here and I expect the Colts to advance to the AFC Championship game. Perhaps that’s just my Jets pessimism talking though.

Sunday at 4:40 on Fox: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Chicago Bears (Line: Bears -3 -115, Buccaneers +3 +105)

This is a great matchup between an elite Bears offense and the best defense in the NFL. Bears have the edge due to being at home, but this could easily go either way.

The Browns and Giants remain favored against the field in their respective conferences. Will someone be able to knock them off? Check back next week in the next installment from Bizarro World!









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