Early look at the 2017 NFL Season

My NFL preview won’t come out until late August, but I took some time to calculate the current numbers for the rosters as they stand. Of note to me:

  1. The Patriots are monster favorites to win the AFC. Only the Steelers can be considered a credible rival, and the coaching disparity makes it highly unlikely that Pittsburgh knocks off New England.
  2. The Jets roster really is the worst in the NFL. Well done gents!
  3. Baltimore’s roster has begun to decay. I wonder how soon they’ll be in rebuilding mode.
  4. The Texans still desperately need a quarterback if they don’t want to waste their window via their defense. Just going by the rosters it looks like it’s time for Tennessee to surpass them.
  5. Dallas has the weirdest roster in the NFL. I’ll go into this in more depth in a few months, but they had better stay healthy.
  6. The Giants have a scary offense… if Eli has time. Cincinnati has a similar situation.
  7. Pray for the Redskins defense. Ditto for the Lions.
  8. The Bears are very bad, but just looking at their roster, they aren’t in the Jets/Browns/49ers tier.
  9. The Packers are going to put a lot of pressure on Rodgers to carry them. Their GM has done an awful job extending his window.
  10. Imagine if the Falcons had run on second and third down, and kicked a field goal. We could be looking at a potential repeat champion with a loaded roster. Instead we see a team that has gone through an overhaul on the coaching staff, and a team that will be dealing with a SB hangover. Best of luck Falcons.
  11. All of the confidence on the Saints roster rests on them having an elite offense, just below Atlanta’s.
  12. Seattle would have led the Talent Wins standings had they signed Kaepernick. Just kidding 😉
Team Talent Wins “Vegas” Wins
Buffalo Bills 6.83 6.38
Miami Dolphins 6.53 7.28
New England Patriots 10.96 12.31
New York Jets 3.19 4.06
Baltimore Ravens 7.62 8.55
Cincinnati Bengals 7.88 8.33
Cleveland Browns 4.74 4.24
Pittsburgh Steelers 11.19 10.57
Houston Texans 7.37 8.62
Indianapolis Colts 8.27 8.28
Jacksonville Jaguars 6.58 6.53
Tennessee Titans 9.74 8.67
Denver Broncos 8.43 8.23
Kansas City Chiefs 8.24 9.17
Oakland Raiders 9.76 9.52
Los Angeles Chargers 9.32 7.19
Dallas Cowboys 8.82 9.57
New York Giants 9.55 8.74
Philadelphia Eagles 7.54 8.03
Washington Redskins 6.24 7.38
Chicago Bears 6.16 4.99
Detroit Lions 6.97 7.40
Green Bay Packers 8.89 10.18
Minnesota Vikings 8.26 8.38
Atlanta Falcons 11.23 9.52
Carolina Panthers 8.58 9.22
New Orleans Saints 9.96 7.78
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7.23 8.28
Arizona Cardinals 8.51 8.08
San Francisco 49ers 4.14 4.64
Seattle Seahawks 11.27 10.47
Los Angeles Rams 6.01 5.43



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