ESPN is betting the farm on Gonzaga

It’s kind of fascinating how confident they are:

Team Risked To Win Result day
Gonzaga 56458 20988 0 9
Oregon 11371 20696 0 9

A Gonzaga loss would almost entirely eat up their $62,195 in profits. The futures are even more extreme:

Team Prediction Risked To Win Result
Gonzaga Champion 32472 93265 0
Gonzaga Finalist 6000 21300 0
South Carolina xChamp 158000 8800 0
South Carolina xFinalist 46000 2000 0
Oregon Champion 2952 59000 0
Oregon Finalist 2575 20800 0
North Carolina Finalist 8210 17255 0
North Carolina xChamp 29811 17960 0

They’ve repeatedly bet against South Carolina, and are currently using their credit line. They’re doubting UNC as well. They’re currently up $4,892 in their futures betting, but that is a drop in the bucket compared to the swings they are looking at tonight.


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