ESPN’s Patriotic SPI

First off, I’d like to wish all the father’s who read my blog a Happy Father’s Day. Now, let’s get to the business at hand.

Counting all resolved Copa bets, ESPN is down $12,477, or 1.25 bankrolls. They’ve been given unlimited credit to bet with a standardized $10,000 bankroll, and that had come in handy. Sort of. Here are the current positions ESPN has coming into the semifinals:

Argentina 6327 4868 Fail to win Copa
USA 227 4560 Win Copa
Chile 2000 222 Fail to win Copa
Colombia 425 2767 Win Copa

As for the semifinals games themselves, SPI has no opinion on one of them, but a rather strong opinion on the other:

USA 1789 6800 Advance
No Opinion 0 0 Advance

Finally, ESPN is taking another crack at the futures market:

USA 1008 12100 Win Copa
Colombia 535 2700 Win Copa
Chile 0 0 No Opinion
Argentina 3148 4691 Fail to win Copa

For those of you who just want the final rundown, that leaves us with this pending:

USA 1789 6800 Advance
USA 1235 16660 Win Copa
Argentina 9475 9559 Fail to win Copa
Chile 2000 222 Fail to win Copa
Colombia 960 5467 Win Copa

SPI has staked out some fairly consistent off-market opinions, but none stronger than its doubt of Argentina. From everything I’ve seen, those doubts seem unfounded. If Argentina wins Copa, the SPI projections will prove to have been very, very unprofitable.


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