Nate’s betting yuge on Clinton

Nate started with $10,000 and has more than doubled-up, standing at $24,333. Given his past results in futbol, the book is allowing him to bet on credit past his current bankroll, although the Kelly-sizing is still based on the $24,333.

There is some drama on the GOP side as Nate’s betting on the upset in Illinois, but the real story is how strong his feelings are for Hillary Clinton…’s odds. He’s betting the proverbial farm on four of the five states tomorrow. The only exception is Missouri, we’re he’s betting a solid amount on an upset. Tomorrow’s going to be a yuge day for Nate and the candidates.

Risked To Win Result Side State
10074 738 0 Trump Florida
2992 7629 0 Field (Not Trump) Illinois
779 100 0 Trump North Carolina
5840 2086 0 Kasich Ohio
17763 683 0 Clinton Florida
17763 10449 0 Clinton Illinois
5562 7787 0 Clinton Missouri
21645 2154 0 Clinton North Carolina
20318 8834 0 Clinton Ohio
  1. hagrin said:

    Trump -1000 to win FL on Nitro + Nate’s new 98% “to win” forecast + .9 BTC limits with no multi-account blocking = Kelly goodness!

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