Will this finally be a good morning for our intrepid heroes?

Football Outsiders cut their debt to $2,837,599 last night:


Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles

Washington Redskins +3, risking $82,200 to win $82,200


As for today’s action:


Chicago Bears @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chicago Bears +3, risking $113,000 to win $113,000


Indianapolis Colts @ Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins -1.5, risking $51,360 to win $42,800


San Francisco 49ers @ Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions -10, risking $108,967 to win $107,888


Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers -7, risking $109,756 to win $113,049


Dallas Cowboys @ Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills -6, risking $34,256 to win $31,719


Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens +10, risking $52,400 to win $49,434


New England Patriots @ New York Jets

New York Jets +3, risking $127,912 to win $124,186


Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans +4.5, risking $288,793 to win $255,569


Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs -11.5, risking $147,964 to win $145,063


I’ll be back in a few hours with the aternoon games


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