Some College Football Math

Very brief and simple descriptions. Percentile is how impressive your resume is (ignoring Margin of Victory). Pythag is how good you are. The #’s are based off of the F+ work of Bill Connelly and Brian Fremeau.

One tidbit: Had Houston gone undefeated, their Percentile would be .8632. It was a soft schedule, but not so soft that a strong team would expect to go undefeated against it.

(Edit: Fixed a big for Ohio State)

Clemson 0.9636 0.9585
Alabama 0.8986 0.9735
Michigan State 0.8974 0.8989
Oklahoma 0.7993 0.9475
Iowa 0.7892 0.7675
Ohio State 0.7611 0.9336
Notre Dame 0.7501 0.9093
Florida 0.7259 0.8
Stanford 0.6141 0.889
North Carolina 0.5742 0.7992
Oklahoma State 0.5316 0.757
Houston 0.5304 0.7435
Baylor 0.4808 0.8378

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