World Cup Day 15: Go big or go home!

Question: What does it take for the Women’s World Cup to make it to the front page of the NY Post? A huge game between China and America? Perhaps a clash of the titans between Germany and France? Or, well, I’ll let you guess.

Last we saw Nate he was adding a small win to his bankroll, running it up to $11,399,465. Today he is taking that bankroll out for a spin:

Game 45: Germany vs. France

Germany to Advance, Risking 18.24%: $2,079,262 to win $1,082,949

Nate’s not showing a lot of faith in a tough French squad. Or maybe he thinks Germany is just that good. We’ll find out if Germany faces USA.

Game 46: China vs. USA

USA to Advance, Risking 28.00%: $2,609,657 to win $521,931 (It will be $3,495,976 to win $699,015 if Germany advances and the USA-China line remains the same)

Nate’s bankroll is going to increase roughly 15.63% if both favorites advance. If France faces China, Nate will be down 41.13% on the day. As always, Full Kelly leads to some steep waves.

@Octonion is starting the day of with France 11.94%, and will follow that up with a 34.6% wager on USA. Big swings folks.

Enjoy the games.


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