World Cup Day 12: There’s no place like home

It was a rough start to the knockout round for Nate Silver as both favorites advanced. That knocked his bankroll down to $9,113,241. Let’s jump into today’s action:

Game 39: Brazil vs. Australia

Australia to Advance, Risking 11.62%: $1,058,687 to win $2,487,915

More faith in the underdogs. We’ll see if it is rewarded.

Game 40: France vs. South Korea

South Korea to Advance, Risking 6.44%: $747,193 to win $4,408,439 (Updated)

A split in the first two games would net Nate a little under $2M, but it will require a fairly sizable upset along the way.

Game 41: Canada vs. Switzerland

Canada to Advance, Risking 12.50%: $1,356,745 to win $542,698 (Updated)

Home country advantage matters in international futbol.

For those of you following @octonion, he’s backing the same 3 teams for 9.19%, 1.76%, and a whopping 37% of his bankroll respectively. So far he is down 3.19%.

Happy Fathers day!


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