Women’s World Cup Day 5: Does Costa Rica Play Today?

The answer is no, but they will in a few days. Their huge win (a draw but they were catching 0.5 goals) put Nate over $1M, although he dropped back down to $954,667 after South Korea let him down. Even so, he’s up $383,129 so far this tournament. That doesn’t include any bets on overs after his now infamous tweet. Since then there have been a combined eight goals in five games.

Game 13: Germany vs. Norway

Norway +0.5, Risking 12.15%: $115,968 to win $513,475

Can Norway slow down the German Juggernaut? We shall see.

Game 14: China vs. Netherlands

China -0.5, Risking 6.97%: $102,362 to win $245,669 (Edited due to Norway’s bet winning)

Nate seems to like China’s chances of winning. So far they are 0-1.

Game 15: Ivory Coast vs. Thailand

Thailand +0.5, Risking 22.84%: $295,008 to win $513,315 (Edited due to Norway’s bet winning)

Thailand vs. Germany is going to be ugly.

Game 16: Canada vs. New Zealand

Canada -0.5, Risking 12.32%: $274,382 to win $157,691 (Edited due to all three previous bets winning)

Showing some faiths in the host this time, eh?

As always, the bet sizing of the later game will be adjusted if the early games turn out fortuitously. (Which they did)


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