Nate Silver’s Glorious Return! Women’s World Cup Edition

That’s right: Nate Silver is making his return to the world of sports betting. Today marks the first day in the Women’s World Cup. Last we saw him he was putting the finishing touches on a run that saw him turn $100,000 into $571,538 during the World Cup:

He’ll be putting his bankroll back at risk for the Women’s World Cup. One note: The betting limits on the Men’s World Cup are enormous. A person could easily have bet the amounts Nate was wagering last year. That isn’t necessarily the case  with the Women’s World Cup. However, since this is for science, I am going to ignore that real world limitation. With all of that said, welcome to the Women’s World Cup 2015, eh.

Game 1: China vs. Canada

China -0.5, Risking 4.10%: $23,443 to win $138,312

A bad result for the hosts to start? Nate is banking on it.

Game 2: New Zealand vs. Netherlands

New Zealand -0.5, Risking 7.13%: Risking $39,082 to win $134,831

There’s a pretty good shot Nate will lose more than 10% of his bankroll today. When ye’ sail full Kelly, the waves be steep!

Good luck to Nate and hopefully this World Cup will be as profitable as the last one.

  1. Decimal Pursuit said:

    Trivial observation, but isn’t .041 * 571,538 = $23433?

    (The gambling gods have a sense of humor: $571,*538*!)

    • 4.1017% of the bankroll. And yes, the gambling gods do have a sense of humor.

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