2015 NFL Draft Part VII: The Defensive Backfield

Trae Waynes: Trae Waynes is the truth. The gap between him and Marcus Peters is much larger than the gap between where they’ll be drafted. Waynes will get his ass kicked as a rookie because rookie cornerbacks get their asses kicked, but he’ll be an excellent player in a few years.

Marcus Peters: I wouldn’t take him in the first round. The talent is there, but he got thrown off his college team. If they think they’re better off without him, do you really think he’ll be worth it in the pros? Hard pass.

Landon Collins: Not quite the athlete you might expect given his draft status, but the physicality is there. Kind of a throwback to a previous era of strong safeties. I worry that the NFL might see a few of his harder hits and crack down on him. Still, football is a violent sport and if you need a safety, he’s the best in this class by a mile.

Kevin Johnson: He’s good. He’s not great. I’m not sure he’s fast enough to hang with the speedsters, or strong enough to fight with the big guys. I wouldn’t use a first round pick on him.

Jalen Collins: Great talent, but massive character concerns. I’d have to swallow hard before drafting him early in the second round. I definitely would not use a first round pick on him. I’ll admit he does have first round potential though. Frankly, in terms of pure upside, he trails only Waynes.

Byron Jones: Gets high marks for his character, and had a great combine. Thing is, when I watch the film I see a guy who’ll get his ass kicked in the pros. I’m just not seeing the coverage instincts.

Good lord. If you need a cornerback in this draft either grab Waynes if he falls to you, or roll the dice in the third round and beyond.


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