48 hours of great college football!

Our prognosticators have continued to run well and will continue backing the underdogs for the most part. They’re united behind Ole Miss, and mostly united behind Boise St. and Georgia Tech, although in the latter cases there is one strong of disagreement.

Tomorrow is the New Year’s celebration and our first semi-finals in the history of college football. Happy New Year’s y’all! 🙂

Compu-Picks Ole Miss 10788 17260 110329
The Power Rank Ole Miss 23625 37800 77596
F+ Ole Miss 29800 47680 85706
FEI Ole Miss 26713 42740 97897
Compu-Picks Boise St. 2518 3576
The Power Rank Boise St. 14789 21000
F+ Boise St. 35410 50282
FEI Arizona 25520 17600
Compu-Picks Georgia Tech 6797 10196
The Power Rank Miss St. 24080 12542
F+ Georgia Tech 8030 12045
FEI Georgia Tech 44695 67042

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