Another solid day for the NCAA prognosticators

Today is a day for the dogs, with the exception of Ed Feng’s The Power Rank, which likes Georgia and Stanford enough to pay the big prices hung on them. Collectively our heroes are up over 280K, or 2.8 bankroll’s worth. Not bad.

Compu-Picks Notre Dame 16818 46250 77301
The Power Rank Notre Dame 7273 20000 43567
F+ Notre Dame 2773 7625 90497
FEI Notre Dame 10136 27875 73509
Compu-Picks Louisville 0 0
The Power Rank Georgia 26000 9630
F+ Louisville 3077 8000
FEI Louisville 2523 6560
Compu-Picks Maryland 13222 61880
The Power Rank Stanford 22000 4400
F+ Maryland 9338 43704
FEI Maryland 964 4512

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