Everyone’s above-average, but will they stay that way?

We are going to see some significant swings today. We have a pair of games where F+ and FEI like the favorites, and Compu-Picks and the Power Rank think the dogs are catching good prices. We also have one game where Compu-Picks is barely priced out of taking Oklahoma, while everyone else thinks Clemson is good value. It should be another fun day of football. 🙂

Compu-Picks Texas A&M 20248 29360 80772
The Power Rank Texas A&M 2000 2900 48434
F+ West Virginia 29500 19667 89415
FEI West Virginia 21250 14167 20021
Compu-Picks Oklahoma 0 0
The Power Rank Clemson 9778 17600
F+ Clemson 9622 17320
FEI Clemson 30000 54000
Compu-Picks Texas 32831 80435
The Power Rank Texas 25367 62150
F+ Arkansas 34480 13262
FEI Arkansas 53920 20738

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