We stand united behind Virginia Tech, Duke, and Nebraska!

Actually, in the case of Duke The Power Rank agrees with the line, and all four prognosticators think Duke and Nebraska are both likely to lose. In the case of Virginia Tech all four prognosticators see value there, especially FEI. If not for Compu-Picks, there would be unanimity behind Miami. The truly divisive game of the day is Penn St. vs. BC. Compu-Picks and The Power Rank like Penn St. outright, whereas F+ and FEI see BC as above 70% likely to win.

Right now F+ has a fairly sizable lead, but as always, when Ye’ sail full Kelly, the waves be steep!

Compu-Picks Virginia Tech 4668 5462 36659
The Power Rank Virginia Tech 23957 28030 36372
F+ Virginia Tech 42504 49730 157259
FEI Virginia Tech 65132 76204 3659
Compu-Picks Duke 7282 18570
The Power Rank Duke 0 0
F+ Duke 16888 43065
FEI Duke 14939 38095
Compu-Picks South Carolina 21288 29165
The Power Rank Miami 26500 18276
F+ Miami 47325 32638
FEI Miami 4695 3238
Compu-Picks Penn St. 25786 35327
The Power Rank Penn St. 18693 25610
F+ BC 36055 24866
FEI BC 36545 25203
Compu-Picks Nebraska 18559 47325
The Power Rank Nebraska 15078 38450
F+ Nebraska 17306 44130
FEI Nebraska 3663 9340

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