Back to the Bowls

All four of our prognosticators are still well above the Mendoza line. Each game features a significant level of disagreement between 2 or more of the systems, so we’ll see some movement and perhaps a larger gap heading into tomorrow.

Compu-Picks Illinois 24364 53600 41163
The Power Rank Illinois 14182 31200 52454
F+ La Tech 23770 10335 70150
FEI La Tech 2320 1009 30643
Compu-Picks Rutgers 12413 19860
The Power Rank Rutgers 13875 22200
F+ Rutgers 28500 45600
FEI UNC 31943 18901
Compu-Picks UCF 0 0
The Power Rank UCF 24100 18538
F+ NC State 24940 31175
FEI NC State 3160 3950

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