Down $5.4M, in the bathhouse with John Goodman.

I hope this gets good reviews:

In any event:

Cleveland Browns @ Carolina Panthers

Cleveland +6, risking $438,116 to win $429,525

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Green Bay Packers

Football Outsiders agrees with the line

New England Patriots @ New York Jets

New York Jets +10, risking $11,761 to win $10,692

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints

Atlanta +6, risking $317,575 to win $302,452

Baltimore Ravens @ Houston Texans

Houston +6.5, risking $54,867 to win $52,254

Kansas City Chiefs @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Kansas City +2.5, risking $91,717 to win $89,046

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears

Chicago +10, risking $293,715 to win $271,958

Minnesota Vikings @ Miami Dolphins

Miami -4.5, risking $10,661 to win $10,251

As always, I’ll be back this afternoon around 4:45


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