Going Bowling at 11:00 AM in New Orleans

This Bowl season I’ve decided to track four prognosticators:

Ed Feng via The Power Ranks (http://thepowerrank.com/predictions/)

Brian Fremeau  via FEI (http://www.bcftoys.com/2014-game-projections/)

Bill Connelly via F+ (http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2014/12/19/7420641/college-football-bowls-saturday-utah-colorado-state-air-force-wmu)

Matthew Smith via Compu-Picks(http://compu-picks.com/2014Picks/20141220_CFB_Bowl_Confidence_Picks.html)

I’ve decided to give each $100,000. I’ll explain the process a little more in the next post, but for now:

Nevada vs. Louisiana Lafayette

Compu-Picks Nevada 1000 833
The Power Rank Nevada 25200 21000
F+ Nevada 36199 30166
FEI Nevada 73819 61516

Good look to Nevada, especially on Brian Fremeau’s behalf!


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