Is today the day Cleveland begins their ascendancy?

JFF, congratulations on earning the starting job. Perhaps you can help Football Outsiders cut their tab (currently at -$4.8M)

Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City -11, risking $29,120 to win $29,120

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore -13.5, risking $11,761 to win $$10,692

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta +3, risking $157,891 to win $146,195

Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts

Houston +7, risking $78,476 to win $76,937

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns

Cleveland -2, risking $213,193 to win $193,812

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots

Football Outsiders agrees with the line

Washington Redskins @ New York Giants

New York Giants -7, risking $157,723 to win $165,609

Green Bay Packers @ Buffalo Bills

Buffalo +4, risking $234,726 to win $217,339


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