And then there were six NCAA redux

For an explanation of the following numbers, check this out:

Short answer is Bama #1, Oregon #2, Ohio St. #3, and FSU #4 seems reasonable. TCU is clearly ahead of Baylor, but that may prove to be a moot point.

Pythag 0.962
Percentile 0.916
Sosmov 0.912
Pythag 0.947
Percentile 0.761
Sosmov 0.865
Pythag 0.899
Percentile 0.746
Sosmov 0.876
Pythag 0.889
Percentile 0.972
Sosmov 0.797
Ohio St.
Pythag 0.952
Percentile 0.800
Sosmov 0.886
Pythag 0.884
Percentile 0.736
Sosmov 0.824

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