Big Hero 6! Also Football.

Sorry for the delay. Big Hero 6 is beautifully animated. I’m not much for spoilers, so I won’t comment on the story. Moving right along:

Football Outsiders is currently down -$5,439,011. For those keeping score at home, there has been a $6,888 adjustment as they had been given credit for the amount wagered in Jets-Steelers, rather than the amount won. (Edit: This includes the Thursday night football game between Buffalo and Miami. Football Outsiders backed the Bills +4.5, risking $95,613 to win $86,921).

San Francisco 49ers @ New York Giants

New York +4, risking $291,181 to win $279,982

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Redskins

Tampa Bay +7, risking $149,115 to win $146,191

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears

Minnesota +2.5, risking $22,566 to win $20,894

Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers

Atlanta -1, risking $69,552 to win $63,229

Denver Broncos @ St. Louis Rams

St. Louis +10, risking $264,958 to win $240,871

Cincinnati Bengals @ New Orleans Saints

Cincinnati +7.5, risking $171,934 to win $139,784 (Edit: Somehow forgot this game in the original post)

Houston Texans @ Cleveland Browns

Football Outsiders agrees with the line

Seattle Seahawks @ Kansas City Chiefs

Football Outsiders agrees with the line

There will be a season review heading into the late game tonight between the Patriots and Colts.


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