A Nate Silver Cameo: Senate Wagering Edition

Nate is coming off of a tremendous run during the 2014 World Cup where he turned $100,000 into $571,538. Seriously: http://statsbomb.com/2014/07/germany-must-make-a-tough-decision-nate-silver-day-24/

For those of you wondering how Nate would bet on a few individual races (Data is from http://fivethirtyeight.com/interactives/senate-forecast/)

Alaska: $229 to win $640 on Begich (D)

Arkansas: $2,200 to win $183 on Cotton (R)

Colorado: $229 to win $640 on Udall (D)

Georgia: $667 to win $2,000 on Nunn (D)

Iowa: $907 to win $2,540 on Braley (D)

Kansas: No bet

Kentucky: $7000 to win $778 on McConnell (R)

Louisiana: No bet

North Carolina: No bet

New Hampshire: $640 to win $152 on Shaheen (D)

I gave Nate a bankroll of $10,000. If you’re wondering how I chose that amount, well, betting $10,000 has a long and glorious history in politics. Just ask Mitt Romney. 🙂


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