Aaron Schatz vs. the 10-headed 1:00 PM Monster!

Thanks to the US Open, we have 10 games at 1 PM this week. The lines were locked in at 12:15 ET, so they may be slightly different than what was available at close. 

Without further ado:

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

New Orleans -3, risking $339,060 to win $339,060

Minnesota Vikings @ St. Louis Rams

Minnesota +2.5, risking $31,479 to win $31,479

Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh -5.5, risking $339,141 to win $322,991

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia -10, risking $118,160 to win $118,160

Oakland Raiders @ New York Jets

New York Jets -5.5, risking $293,777 to win $259,980

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati +1, risking $39,174 to win $36,957

Buffalo Bills @ Chicago Bears

Chicago -7, risking $108,373 to win $117,043

Washington Redskins @ Houston Texans

Houston -3, risking $106,550 to win $94,292

Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs

Tennessee +3, risking $147,124 to win $150,066

New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins

New England -3.5, risking $360,174 to win $343,023

I’m off to lunch but I’ll provide further explanation of the methodology when I post the afternoon games. 

Current tab: -$194,776



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